ProFound Corporation is a dynamic and discreet provider of world class business and private intelligence.

  • Our executive team of intelligence, special forces, law enforcement and private security operators is unparalleled.

  • Our operational leadership cadre from Canada, the US, UK, Israel and France, has decades of experience leading complex and clandestine collection operations on a global scale.

  • From covert intelligence collection in denied areas to counter terrorism, kidnap rescue and animal conservation operations, our international experience and reputation is unequalled.

Tailored solutions to complex challenges


Corporate Threat/Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Profound Corporation’s cadre of international intelligence, law enforcement and special forces leaders have an unmatched capacity to keep your corporate assets and personal safe and secure. We will conduct a thorough review of your company’s policies, procedures, systems and communications and provide you with cutting edge and proven advice. Our team of experts from around the globe have access to the latest human and technical intelligence that will enable your limited security assets to be deployed to the in the most efficient and effective manner possible. While we may identify issues to be resolved, we also offer innovative solutions that meet your specific needs, expectations and budget.

Business Intelligence

Background checks on the individuals and corporations with whom you intend to engage. It is critical to understand how both your partners and your competitors function.

The Insider Threat

One can have the best firewall in the world, but without an outstanding personnel vetting system, a corporation is only as good as the weakest employee.

Reputational Risks

Our patented technology scours online and offline sources to provide clients with timely and actionable intelligence on risks posed to brand and corporation reputation.

Travel Safety & Security

Meet your legal Duty of Care requirements through our proprietary training modules, international TRAs and expert mitigation in the event of an emergency.


Proactively respond to evolving threats that include identity theft, extortion attempts, and the loss of important data.




Strategic Solutions in our Fast-Paced World